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Thursday, January 22

It's COLD in Georgia.....

......and I miss the warm weather. Now all my family and friends back home would be throttling me for saying that. Given the unbearable winter back in Illinois....no, it's not really COLD in Georgia. But for us Southerners......it is a bit chilly. I've actually turned on the heat and been wearing sweaters as of late. Yikes!! At least tomorrow it goes back into the 70's. Whew!! I have so many mosaic and painting projects to get finished up but it's been to cold for grouting. :::Sigh:::

So, what's a girl to do when she's stuck inside??? Crochet of course!! I've been making bags and purses for my shops. I have listed 2 yesterday and will list 2 more by tomorrow. They can be seen here http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5328014 and here http://www.shophandmade.com/store/shellyraewood/.

Actually the first one is not crocheted but bright and funky. It is made from animal print fleece, beaded and fringed.

The second one is perfect for wearing with denim and casual outfits. It is made from 2 acrylic yarns and one fluffy blue blend homespun. It also features a vintage silver button closure.

Thursday, January 15

Thrift shop bonanaza....

I LOVE giving new life to thrift shop finds. We had such a WONDERFUL store in Illinois. Here in Georgia.....not so much. Once in awhile though we have a good find at the local Good Will shop. Yesterday was one of those days. Here's what I bought for $15. All the yarn (20+ skeins for $5) Woo-Hoo

Glass Frame that inserts on top.....perfect for a mosaic and cork coasters to alter.

Gorgeous photo collage topped wooden box (8 x 10) perfect to decoupage

Big Valentine tin to collage

Fun wooden cupboard to redo......not sure where I'm going with this one yet!! :) Measures about 9 x14 inches.

Glass fish bowl with 4 packages of marbles I will use for collage.

Mini cigar box to collage and alter, maybe 6 x 6 inches.

Hopefully I can get some of these finished up soon and get them in my shop!! I'll share them as I get to them. Right now I'm working on a Valentine Reds Crocheted Purse!! Anyone having any good ideas for these goodies, please pass them along!! :::Smiles:::

Tuesday, January 13

Valentine's are in the air.....

.....I've been feverishly working on my 14 Days of Valentine's swap. Still can't show you though!! :::smiles::: I did receive my first package in the mail.....very tempting to open it up!! But I'm trying to be good. All I have left to do is the final Krylon Triple Thick Glaze top coat. I sure do like that stuff!!

I've been having fun lately hitting the thrift shops. I've "rescued" a few goodies to give a new life too. I'll share the pics when I get them done. It's been too chilly here to work on most of them. I'm still waiting to get to my mosaic table....it's all ready to go but I think the mastick and grout will cure better when it's sunny and warm!! :::Sigh:::

I've been trying to get some Valentine Goodies ready for my shops. I decided I needed some new yarns. Here's my purchase last night. Sure looks like V. Day to me!! Right now I'm crocheting a purse.
Here's the pattern from Lionbrand: http://tiny.cc/uXfRv
So, guess I need to go work on it!! :::Smiles:::

Sunday, January 4

Valentines and Love are in the air.....

.....February 14th is my fave Holiday. I've begun full-scale work on Valentine's Day projects. Some are for swaps, some for gifts, some are cards but most will be for my shops!! I'll be sharing as I go. Just like at Christmas when I did two 12 Days of Christmas Countdown swaps.......I'm doing the 14 Days of Valentines with many of the same wonderful ARTists!! It is again hosted by my friend Jeri http://artfulgathering.typepad.com/. I have completed the packaging/wrappings for the gifties and have begun work on the actual gifties themselves. Sadly, I can't share them here until later!! :(

I see that this is post #96. I'll have to plan something special for #100. I'm thinking maybe a giveaway of some sort. Hmmmmm......I'll be thinking on that one!! Today, Aunt Rita is stopping by on her way from Illinois to Florida!! It will be fun to see someone from back home. The last family members I saw were my parents back in March!! Should be fun!!

Anywho, here are a few of the goodies I 'can' share that I purchased for the big "V" day!! Gotta love the dollar bins at Michaels!! :::Smiles::: Plus I have purchased all sorts of RED trims, ribbons, beads, glitter and wrapping papers from the Walmart Christmas clearance section. Later Taters......have to fly!!