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Tuesday, January 13

Valentine's are in the air.....

.....I've been feverishly working on my 14 Days of Valentine's swap. Still can't show you though!! :::smiles::: I did receive my first package in the mail.....very tempting to open it up!! But I'm trying to be good. All I have left to do is the final Krylon Triple Thick Glaze top coat. I sure do like that stuff!!

I've been having fun lately hitting the thrift shops. I've "rescued" a few goodies to give a new life too. I'll share the pics when I get them done. It's been too chilly here to work on most of them. I'm still waiting to get to my mosaic table....it's all ready to go but I think the mastick and grout will cure better when it's sunny and warm!! :::Sigh:::

I've been trying to get some Valentine Goodies ready for my shops. I decided I needed some new yarns. Here's my purchase last night. Sure looks like V. Day to me!! Right now I'm crocheting a purse.
Here's the pattern from Lionbrand: http://tiny.cc/uXfRv
So, guess I need to go work on it!! :::Smiles:::

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Angie Hall Haviland said...

Great yarn and Adorable purse!! Can't wait to see yours!!