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Sunday, January 4

Valentines and Love are in the air.....

.....February 14th is my fave Holiday. I've begun full-scale work on Valentine's Day projects. Some are for swaps, some for gifts, some are cards but most will be for my shops!! I'll be sharing as I go. Just like at Christmas when I did two 12 Days of Christmas Countdown swaps.......I'm doing the 14 Days of Valentines with many of the same wonderful ARTists!! It is again hosted by my friend Jeri http://artfulgathering.typepad.com/. I have completed the packaging/wrappings for the gifties and have begun work on the actual gifties themselves. Sadly, I can't share them here until later!! :(

I see that this is post #96. I'll have to plan something special for #100. I'm thinking maybe a giveaway of some sort. Hmmmmm......I'll be thinking on that one!! Today, Aunt Rita is stopping by on her way from Illinois to Florida!! It will be fun to see someone from back home. The last family members I saw were my parents back in March!! Should be fun!!

Anywho, here are a few of the goodies I 'can' share that I purchased for the big "V" day!! Gotta love the dollar bins at Michaels!! :::Smiles::: Plus I have purchased all sorts of RED trims, ribbons, beads, glitter and wrapping papers from the Walmart Christmas clearance section. Later Taters......have to fly!!

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Fiona Whitehead said...

I hope you don;t mind but I've added your inchy cube template to my inchy challenge blog this month. If its ok with you I'll also put a link to your blog. Let me know - thanks Fiona