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Thursday, January 15

Thrift shop bonanaza....

I LOVE giving new life to thrift shop finds. We had such a WONDERFUL store in Illinois. Here in Georgia.....not so much. Once in awhile though we have a good find at the local Good Will shop. Yesterday was one of those days. Here's what I bought for $15. All the yarn (20+ skeins for $5) Woo-Hoo

Glass Frame that inserts on top.....perfect for a mosaic and cork coasters to alter.

Gorgeous photo collage topped wooden box (8 x 10) perfect to decoupage

Big Valentine tin to collage

Fun wooden cupboard to redo......not sure where I'm going with this one yet!! :) Measures about 9 x14 inches.

Glass fish bowl with 4 packages of marbles I will use for collage.

Mini cigar box to collage and alter, maybe 6 x 6 inches.

Hopefully I can get some of these finished up soon and get them in my shop!! I'll share them as I get to them. Right now I'm working on a Valentine Reds Crocheted Purse!! Anyone having any good ideas for these goodies, please pass them along!! :::Smiles:::


Susan said...

Wow, you scored at Goodwill! Lots of fun stuff to alter. Can't wait to see what you do with it all. Looking forward to your Valentine for the swap, too.

Anonymous said...

Some treasures indeed!!!! I know you will create beautiful pieces of ART with them!!!

Sherri S said...

I LOVE thrift/junk stores! We have one here in town and I have found some AWESOME things at it! I still need to go by the Goodwill here. I've posted many of the finds on my blog. Can't wait to see what you create with these gems. I just love your purses! And I'm a kittie mom too.