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Sunday, November 2

New Advent Calendar Christmas Swag - Tinkerbell

Well, I finished up another one!! Yippee!! I LOVE this one. The 7 crocheted fibers are gorgeous together and the 5 colors (pink, blue, yellow, green and white) of tulle netting are so flirty and sparkly.

Tinkerbell can be found alongside my other advent calendars in my Etsy shop here:

As always, custom orders of nearly anything I make are available!! :::Smiles::: Enjoy!! Shelly


Angie Hall Haviland said...

Cute, Sassy and Sweet!!

Anonymous said...

Shelly, They are all adorable!!!! You did an amazing job on them and I love the way you are displaying them!!!!! 51 days...can you believe it!!! I must get busy myself!!!