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Monday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's finally here! It's my fave holiday! It's such a pink, red, sparkly, fluffy, candy eating, love filled, sqooshy kind of day! Just perfect for a hopeless romantic, princess mentality pirate girl like me! I am so excited! I plan to spend my night with the love of my life at my happiest place on earth - The Magic Kingdom. What could be better than spending time with your guy standing in front of Cinderella's Castle? And I can have a Dole Whip too! Score! :)

So, since I already shared all the easel cards I sent out to family and friends, I thought I would share what I made for my 2 guys for Valentine's this year.

For Wonder Boy I made him a Candy bouquet. I have always thought they were cute but way too expensive. I was pretty sure I could make my own version much cheaper and I did. I bought a Valentine bucket and shoved in 2 pieces of floral foam to fit. I taped the candy bars to the back of wooden skewers and shoved them into the foam at various heights. I did discover that it was tippy while I was working on it so I poured in a few flat glass marbles into the bottom for weight. After the candy was in place I topped it with some manly pink shredded paper and it is finished! Ta-Da. Easy Peasy! :) I'll probably wrap it up with some cellophane and tie on a bow before tonight.

Here is his card using one of my fave stamp sets from Stampin' Up, Unfroggetable. I think it is just corny enough he will like it!

For Hubs I made his card from a scrapbook paper pack I acquired from who knows where. It was all black, red, winged hearts and such.....so perfect for Valentine's Day. I love all the rhinestone sparklies and winged hearts. The envie is actually my fave part.....I think it is awesome with the black paper and swirls.

For his gift I baked his very fave thing.....his Grandmother's Pound cake. He LOVES this. It is amazing.....if pound cake is great on it's own.....this version has a topping made from vanilla wafers & Pecans.....topped with a vanilla glaze and garnished with Maraschino Cherries and pecan halves. And there's not a calorie in it.....honestly! LOL  Each batch makes 3 cakes and I made him 2 batches......think he'll be happy for awhile? So that's Valentine's Day here in FL! Wishing you oodles of LOVE today and every day! :)


Anonymous said...

huh! I had never heard of the Dole Whip. sounds yummy! (swirl!) : ) Have fun tonight! You made lots of cute things, Shelly!!! Happy Valentine's Day to you!
: )

Alicia said...

WOO Shelly, Your Valentine Bucket is SO nice! What a great idea to make your own this way- Thanks for sharing the idea :) I hope you have a grand loving time tonight at your favorite spot and bring home some magical memories to last many more years! *Hugs*

Joanne Huffman said...

Love the Valentine bucket - great idea which I will definitely borrow in the future. The cards are delightful. Have fun tonight.

Diann said...

I'm sure you and John will enjoy your time at Disney tonight including the Dole Whip! I must say that cake looks so very good and I wish I could have a hunk right now! Andrew's Valentine bucket will sure to be a hit with him! Love both cards and especially that envie! Happy Valentine's, my friend! Diann

Anonymous said...

YUMMY GOODIES!!!!! And I was one of the lucy recipients of your AMAZING cards...THANK YOU so very much my sweet sweet friend!!!!!

Angie Hall Haviland said...

Great gifties, Shelly!! Hope you have a GREAT Valentine's!! :)