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Sunday, February 27

Estate Sale Jackpot

Wowzers! Hubs and I hit the Estate Sale Jackpot yesterday! It was a blast. So much of what I scored was actually free and headed for the landfill! :::Sigh::: Don't people understand yet? Geesh! That's why my business ARTful Salvage was born. I cannot fathom how much is thrown away that is still usable. You can see some of my goodies on my other blog here. Someday, and maybe soon, we may find ourselves wishing we weren't so quick to throw so much away. If you want a good read about something that is timely and newsworthy right now check out the 4 part book series by Terri Blackstock, the Restoration Series. Let's just say the solar storms that are happening right now could have quite an effect. :)  Anywho......I digress. On to the bargains:

From the FREE piles and headed for the landfill comes piles of vintage linens and the like. Some are perfect, some are flawed. Personally I like the later.....aren't we all a little bit flawed? I like the history of a piece and the fact that is was lovingly used in a family, not stuffed into a drawer! Here are SOME of the pieces I was given!

chenille bedspread for cutting


Table Runner

hand painted on a Giant piece of canvas part #1

hand painted on a Giant piece of canvas part #2



Crazy Quilt pillow beginnings

Vintage Curtains



Navy Crying Towel

Silk Shabby Chic Satin Pillow Case


Set of 20 pink embroidered doiles







My in the process bedroom makeover is going to be done in my 2 fave colors black and pink, especially deep hot magenta pink. I am making a quilt for the bed and want to cover it with co-ordinating piles of fun pillows. Ta-Da.....I found 8 pink pillows at this one sale.

Pink Pillows

Pintuck Pink Pillows

Crocheted Pink Pillows

I also bought a pile of some vintage fabrics to play with. I should have bought more but I couldn't carry much more! LOL  Besides these were by far my faves.

Beautiful Yards of Silk

Black glittery fabric



Then came the vintage sewing notions.....begin salivating now my friends. This girl LOVES ric-rac with a passion, especially vintage ric-rack. Well lookee here.....packages and packages of this delightful notion along with oodles of lace seam tape and a couple of goodies I had never seen before.

Lace Tape

Rick Rack

Loop Braid

Lace Tape

Rick Rack

Oh and this box of wooden spools of sewing thread and piles of vintage snaps, hooks, buckles and closures, along with a nifty button maker and button making parts.

Snaps and Hooks

Snaps and Hooks

Wooden Spools of Thread

Wooden Spools of Thread


One of my faves for $1 was this box of Work Basket mags from the 60's, 70's and 80's. Totally groovy! I love that they sometimes have iron on embroidery patterns. I'll share them at a later date. There is an amazing set of Oriental themed ones! Sweet!

Work Baskets

Work Baskets

Can you say FUN, day! I spent $20 total for all these goodies plus a few more that will make their way over to ARTful Salvage today or tomorrow! :)


Susan said...

What a fantastic haul! You stumbled upon a gold mine! Love, love, love all the vintage sewing fabrics and notions.

Lynn Stevens said...

I'd say you hit the jackpot SCORE!!!!

Chrystal S said...

Oh my goodness Shelly! What a score! I know you are a happy camper. Have fun! :)

Joanne Huffman said...

What an amazing array of treasures! Great finds.

Elaine Akers said...

WOWZER!!!! Wish I would have been there with you at that estate sale. Awesome finds. Lucky you. :-)
I can see you doing a happy dance.

Tammy D said...

Oh my Shelly. That's a lot of goodies. Now go use them! :)

Anonymous said...

Holy cow, Shelly! what a FABulous haul! have FUN with all your cool finds....especially the PINK pillows for your new bedroom. I can't wait to see the finished product.
: )

Virginia Madison said...

Shelly, you did so well! My mom subscribed to The Workbasket and crocheted for me that chevron afghan in your photo. I still have the afghan and use it - it must be about 36 years old now.

jackie said...

Amazing jackpot for sure! I enjoyed reading about and seeing the photos of your excellent score! Ah, those Workbasket magazines really bring back happy memories of my grandmother and mother doing their happy creative things! And all of that embroidery and handwork - think of the hours and hours of diligent labor put into all of those delightful finds! So glad that you rescued them from the dump!!

Nancy B said...

Wow! Now I cannot wait to see what you do with all that booty!

Penny Duncan Creations said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh GREAT finds indeed Shelly!!! You can tell just by the photos you had a BLAST!!!

Diann said...

Oh, what a fantastic time you had at the Estate Sale....I bet you ooohed and aahed and handed things to John! You go girl! Diann