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Saturday, February 6

Crazed woman goes shopping.....

.....or L@@KIE what followed me home today. I had such a great day today. My guys and I went shopping. I found treasures at Harbor Freight, Michael's, Borders, Joann's, World Market and Krispy Kreme :) In addition to 2 movies on DVD: Fool's Gold and Twister, I snagged a gorgeous blingy pair of black flip flops, a dough scraper and some Valentine Tootsie Rolls at Target. I found some needed colors of stained glass for mosaics at the glass store too. We also had lunch at my fave quick place: Panera. Yummy!!

Boy, when I fall off the "buying supplies and toys" wagon, honey I fall off hard. I was even surprised at everything I bought today when I got home and surveyed the damage!! LOL Fortunately, you know me.....NOTHING was full price and most were great bargains.
So, anyone want to ride the crazy train with me as I share about my day!!
Here are my ARTsy goodies....PLEASE click the pics to get a better look!! :)
my very fave purchase of the day......my flying pig!! :::Giggle:::

Hopefully these will help in the studio......each square is 2' square

Ok, not an ART supply, but how cool is this??

All the following books were $1.99 each :::hee hee hee:::

These 2 were from the Glass Store

All these are from Borders OK, I lied....this was my half price with coupon book for $7.....oops

Pookie likes this one!! :)

Now on to the paper stacks.....
Is this gorgeous or what??

I regretted not buying this one the first time I saw it.....I got the last one!! :)
Pookie says it is good!!

Another droolingly luscious stack

I have a thing for winged hearts.....so HAD to have this set

pink and shiny....enough said

This is bigger than it looks, probably 10 inches square

Just some basics

My very fave black paper on the planet

Borders has all their calendars for $4.....this is a dream for me.....beading projects per day!!

LOVE Sugar & Cream yarn. Have a couple of projects in mind.

Stamp sets for $3.99 from Tuesday Mornings

Just goodies

Mini 3 inch calendars to ART on

Some new jewelry beginnings for me...... 99 cents each

Jewelry findings originally from Walmart @ Tues. Morn. for 99 cents!!

So, that was MY day. I am such a lucky ducky today.
Gotta love that guy of mine!! :::Smiles:::
Now, where am I gonna put all this stuff!! LOL


Lynn Stevens said...

Wow, I'd say when you go shopping you go shopping!!!!, good thing you had help to carry it all, my fav is the flying pig and that Awesome paper!!!!

Diann said...

Yep, you shopped for sure and I love it all! Can't wait to see your future ART projects using some of your great buys! Diann

Julie Ann said...

What awesome goodies, Shelly!!!! I am loving those new DCWV stacks!! I haven't seen them in my JoAnn's... I hope they're coming soon!! And I LOVE your new flying piggie!!

Carol's Crafts said...

Love all your new stuff, Shelly. You did get piles of new goodies, didn't you? LOL

Tammy D said...

Oh Shelly look at all that loot. Looks like almost as good as a day of glitter in the hair & ink on the fingers. Looks like John is beginning to understand girl math.

Anonymous said...

GREAT goodies indeed Shelly!!! Have fun using them!!!

Dawn said...

Nice job on the goodies Shelly!
I have to agree with Pookie on the beading book...looks like fun.
Can't wait to see what you create.
Now dish about the flying pig...why is he so special?????

Splendid Little Stars said...

It looks like you totally hit the jackpot!