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Wednesday, September 16

Charm Swap returns

I was very honored to be asked to participate in a charm swap by a dear friend, Arlene. She is a design team member over at PID. I LOVE making and receiving charms....so of course I said yes!! :) Here are the 18 charms that I rec'd in the swap. Aren't they too amazing?? I plan to put them on a bracelet or necklace really soon. I promise to share when it is finished!! The Alice in Wonderland one is mine. I am in awe of the range of creativity and imagination that this swap brought to my mailbox. I published the pics as small, since there were 18 of them....just give them a click to see them in all their splendor.


Angie Hall Haviland said...

Yep, the charm swap was a BLAST!!
Thanks for the wonderful Alice charm!!

I now realize when I scroll down to your stitched pieces and journals that I think I got interrupted by little miss yesterday when I was looking and forgot to come back and comment. Everything looks great. Crossing my fingers that your computer is better :)

Diann said...

Gosh, Shelly, what wonderful charms you received and created! It was a great swap! Diann

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow....What a treasure trove of charms!!! What a fun swap that was!!!!! Great goodies girl!!

Chrystal S said...

Beautiful charms! It looks like it was a fun swap. :)