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Wednesday, March 28

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes.....

.....I have returned! So, I took a short break that turned into 6 months......what can I say.....life happens! LOL Sometimes, it just kicks you right between the eyes and gets you in a choke hold. So, when last we spoke we were relocating.....yep......packing up and moving to a new house. Guess what? Didn't happen.....nope nope nope. But we did have to pack the entire house (don't ask!). The short version is: We bought a house!!!!  And not just ANY house......this house.....the one we were living in and also the one that was unceremoniously packed. Go ahead, shake your head.....heaven knows I did. So, where have I been? Well, trying to wrap my head around a lot of things that have happened over the last year, honestly. Moving, relocating, home ownership, losing friends and family.....trying to get ARTful Salvage functioning in FL - including creating a website which should be going live in April! Stay tuned! I even dropped off the ARTsy map, including my ART groups. I am hoping to rectify that starting today. I have missed my ART friends and my blogs!

I actually made some paper ART yesterday so I guess I will share that. I make cards for my Mom to give to my cousin's 2 kids each year for their April Birthdays. The 7 year old is all girly girl now and into American Girl Dolls. I could not for the life of me find anything to use, so I just made her a girly dress card. I found a template I liked and went from there. This was my first time (GASP!) using Stickles and I think I liked how it turned out.

The 5 year old is all boy and has just discovered Star Wars and Darth Vader. I made him a card from a great cut file I found and also a frame-able piece that we are going to put in one of the clear acrylic stand up frames. It measures about 8 x 10 and is uber cool! I also found that cut file online and am grateful for all the help!

So, expect to see me around now more and more! I promise not to disappear again for 6 months. Please stop by and let's get reacquainted! :) Shelly Rae

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