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Tuesday, January 18

Journals of Love....

I have been wanting to make some "Ars Gratia Artis" or "ART for ART's sake". One of my fave things to make are Journals of Love. These handmade journals are delivered to cancer centers for the use of the patients. A friend of mine was asked to make one for a family member and she took it with her during her treatments, others saw it and wanted one and thus JoL was born. You can see more of my journals here, here, here and here. I make mine from the composition books sold in the school supply aisle. I cover and embellish all 4 covers, sometimes adding a ribbon closure. Each journal is fun to make and completely unique. I use a variety of papers: calendar pages, scrapbook paper, wallpaper, vintage books and dictionaries.....whatever crosses my path on the day. Enjoy!

Here are the journals made with paper from DCWV (Die Cuts WIth a View).
DCWV Rockstar front

DCWV Rockstar back
DCWV Green Stack back

DCWV Mariposa front

DCWV Mariposa back

DCWV Once upon a time front

DCWV Once upon a time front
These journals were all made from wallpaper sample books. My fave place to obtain them is Sherwin Williams. They turn themover on a monthly basis! :) Great recycling and giving back project!

Bloom where you are planted front

Bloom where you are planted back

LightHouse front

LightHouse back

Rooster front

Rooster Back


Noah's Ark


Finally I was looking for an economical and unique way to cover the inside covers and came up with using some of my vintage dictionary pages. THey are great whenI do not have co-ordinating papers to use! :)

Vintage dictionary end papers

Vintage dictionary end papers close-up


Alicia said...

Shelly these are beautiful!! I know they will bring much joy to those receiving them! *Hugs*

Paula said...

oh WOW, these are stunning.. I love them ALL!

Tammy D said...

Looks great. Love the inside covers! What a wonderful idea.

Diann said...

Fantastic job on these journals of Love, Shelly...they are each unique and lovely and it would be hard to pick one above another. I know they are for such a worthy cause and I wish more people would be as generous as you are...including myself. Diann

Anonymous said...

Oh wow these are absolutely beautiful... The patients are really going to love htem.

Angie Hall Haviland said...

These are all BEAUTIFUL!!! Just WONDERFUL!! :)

Joanne Huffman said...

These are all delightful and charming. What a great project!

Anonymous said...

Shelly your journals are AWESOME girl!!!!!

bcriminger said...

Lots of fun!! Is this just a local thing?

Elaine Akers said...

Shelly your journals of love are gorgeous. I am sure the recipients will love them knowing a stranger cared enough to spend the time making a beautiful journal for them. Great job!

Nancy B said...

Wow! Girl you have been busy! They all look wonderful!

usmc_honey said...

your journals are gorgeous. I love both the DCWV and the wall paper ones. Your idea of using the dictionary pages is pretty cool. I like it.