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Monday, November 8

so....words you like to hear.....90% off clearance.....

....yep....there I was @ Wally World with the Hubs buying some potting soil and the voice from above announces that all the Halloween stuff is on 90% off clearance. Hmmm....mad house ensues....just the way I like it. I scored me some goodies for next years Halloween and Day of the Dead ARTing. Here's what I got for  less than $5.
3 packs of cupcake embellishers that I think look like delightful crowns
2 more packs of different cupcake embellishers that just looked like fun
6 packs of black votives that will look awesome in my chandelier
2 sizes of skull ice molds which will be for sugar skulls next year for Day of the Dead
7 packs of delightful test tubes and holder (complete with sprinkles). I made some fun test tube ART this year but alas Martha did NOT give me holders. Boo Hiss Hiss on her.....now I'm ready for next year! :)
and finally I Found the most beautiful hat......yes it is a feathered, glittery, flowered gorgeous witches hat......'ya know.....if the shoes fit!!  LOL  I bought is for Ruth Iola (yes I named her) to wear and she is thrilled! Hubs thinks I'm nuts....but after 25 years....he really should know better don't you think?  Anywho....just sharing my good timing!

Did I introduce you to Ruth Iola (my Gma's name). She is my wonderful rusty vintagey iron dress form that Hubs bought for me awhile back from Tuesday Morning. Isn't she delightful??

This is a sneak peek at the next repurpose project I have in the works. I'll keep you posted!!  :)

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