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Tuesday, December 8

25 Days of Christmas - Day 8

Woo Hoo!! Day #8 is here. I am so excited to share my 25 Days of Christmas gifties with you. Each day I will share the packaging and the giftie that arrived from one of my ART friends. So, here we go..... Here is Giftie #8 from Liane.

I rec'd a wonderful mini book featuring the 12 days of Christmas. These books are so much fun to make. They are cut and folded from ONE sheet of paper. You must try one if you haven't!! Here's a link with instructions!! http://tiny.cc/minibook790

I just love this mini book!! Thanks Liane!!

Stay tuned for tomorrow and another giftie!! :)

1 comment:

Carol's Crafts said...

Shelly, your mini book is precious. What a great gift you
received. You will treasure that for years to come.