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Monday, May 4

Where does the time go????

Doesn't seem like it's been a week since I posted something!! Geesh!! It's probably going to be like this, CRAZY, until the end of May. There is a lot going on here and then Wonder Boy and I are heading back to Illinois for 8 days towards the end of the month to see the family!! #1 Husband has opted to stay home and work, take care of Cody (the dog) and attend to the needs of the 3 Princesses Their royal Majesties: Jinx, Smudgey and Pookie.

Anywho.....I have been ARTing as much as possible. I have bead crochet and handmade paper projects completed or near completed. I will share them in my next post or two I promise. Meanwhile, this is why I was incommunicado for the past few days. We were at the beach!! Woo Hoo!! It is such a destresser (I just LOVE making up words). I love watching #1 hubby just transform. I wish we could stay there for a week!!

We find it interesting that the beach always changes from trip to trip. This time much of the beach was underwater.....nearly up to the high dunes. That is downright scary. Plus the shoreline was literally on a 40 degree angle. It was not as leisurely to stroll near the water's edge. The shelling was poor as well. But the view, well, that fortunately never changes. I can't imagine how anyone can stand at the water's edge and doubt the existence of God. It is so humbling for me.

We did go explore the other end of the cape this time, the beach at the air force base property. It was amazing.....Just me and my guy for miles. I could so get used to that. I did take, well a few pics , so I'll share some. We had the single best sunset ever on the last night of our stay. So, we were just sitting out there on the beach, sipping champagne, watching day slip silently into night. Gotta love living in the South!! Enjoy!!

As always.....Click the pictures to see them larger!!


Beach Totem

Beach Totem

"Our" private stretch of beachfront property

Another view

CSB Lighthouse




Wonder Boy :)

#1 Husband


The ship that passed in the night

John's Corona commercial shot

My fave sunset shot


Anonymous said...

Oh Shel.....what a wonderful weekend you must have had....gorgeous pictures girl and you all look so peaceful!!!! GREAT pics of your baby and his 21st birthday.....

Angie Hall Haviland said...

Glad you all had a nice time and made it home safely. Looks like it was BEAUTIFUL weather!! WONDERFUL pictures!

Chrystal S said...

Beautiful pics Shelly! So glad you finally got to get to the beach! :) I love that sunset photo too. Just beautiful.

Dragonlady said...

Your pictures are so Gorgeous, I really enjoyed them.....Loved the shell totem...so cool!

Diann said...

Time by the SEA is needed every now and then and you certainly captured beautiful pictures to prove this! I love the beach totem pole too! I hope John or Andrew snapped your picture too for the memories. Thanks for sharing the birthday fun too! Diann

Barbara Hagerty said...

Fabulous pics!! I felt like I was on vacation just looking at them! What a wonderful, peaceful stretch of beach, and gorgeous sunset!