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Sunday, September 19

I LOVE Dollar Tree & Halloween on the worktable....

Okay......I LOVE Dollar Tree!!  But that's not the first time you've heard that, right??  Thought I would share what is on the worktable today and some of the goodies I found at Dollar Tree.

First I found this creepy black cloth that makes great cobwebs and backgrounds.

I can't get enough of these skeleton garland guys....isn't it funny how the one guy is raising his leg.....looks like a Spooky Rockettes Line!!  LOL

I think these creepy hands are cool too.....the can be linked together too.....

One of the coolest finds are these resin (?) tombstones....they are uber spooky!! They are about 6 inches tall. I have begun embellishing two of them. :)

But the best are these "glamorously" framed lenticular pics.....totally cool to find @ D.T.  Lenticular pics look like a normal portrait until you tilt them or change your line of vision and then the image changes. I was mesmerized and inspired. Best part was went I checked out and I had $13 worth of goodies.....how 'bout that?? 

Also on the table are last years 90% off clearance goodies like ribbon, spooky eyes napkins and bags of smalls (bats, skellies, spiders, rings.....).

I am working on a mixed media cigar box shrine that you can see in the works. So far I have painted it gray, sprayed it with Walnut Hollow black antiquing spray and sealed it with matte acrylic sealer. The inside has an all over spooky eye napkin Mod Podged  into the back and sprinkled with glitter. It was too bright so I antiqued it as well.

I have made 2 hanglie danglies (ART Piece with something that, well, hangs or dangles from it). I am psyched......and having fun with Halloween on the table for today anyway!!